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Communications and Outreach

CommunicationsCommunications and Outreach Services include Communications Research; News Media Operations Support; Media and Crisis Communication Training; Audience Outreach and Promotion; Outreach to Target Populations/Health Disparities Programs; Foreign Language, Translation, and Interpretation; and Information Referrals ("Clearinghouses")background element
Materials Development and Distribution Support

Materials DevelopmentMaterials Development and Distribution Support includes Materials Development; and Inventories / Warehouse / Distribution Servicesbackground element

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Graphic Design, Web, and Database Support

Graphic DesignGraphic Design, Web, and Database Services include Graphic Design; IT Requirements; Web Design, Development, and Management; Preservation, Cataloging, and Storage of Web-based and Other Digital Content; Website Usability Testing; Database Design, Development, and Management; Information Tracking and Referral; and Securitybackground element
Exhibit and Conference Support

Exhibit SupportExhibit and Conference Support includes Exhibit Development, Design, Production, Storage, and Transport; and Meeting, Conference, and Event Supportbackground element
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For a full description of all services provided under PICS II click on the link below:

Full Service Descriptions

Labor Category Listing and Descriptions

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