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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

SOP ImageThe SOP provides the task order procedures and guidelines for usage and management of task orders under the PICS II contract. Click on the icon to access a PDF version of the document.
PICS II Contract

Contract IconThis document is the contract that was signed by all vendors and includes all the applicable regulations and contractual information.background element
Task Order Procedures Handout

Task Order Procedures Handout IconThis document provides the high level task order procedures from creating a TORP, to evaluation of proposals, and through to award of task order. Refer to the SOP for a more detailed description of the task order process.

SOW IconThis document is the SOW that was provided in the PICS II Contract. It provides a detailed overview of the services vendors will provide. Refer to our "Services" page for a look at each of the four task areas offered under this vehicle.
Fact Sheet

fact sheet imageThe fact sheet provides a quick overview of PICS II, including the services, vendors, and contacts. Click on the icon to access the fact sheet.
FAQ ImageThis page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that pertain to usage and management of task orders under PICS II. It will be updated as more questions arise so check back frequently to learn more.

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Tips For Writing SOWs

SOW TipsThis document provides guidance on writing SOWs for PICS II task orders. It provides writing tips, outlines, resources and other helpful ideas. This is a good aid for writing consistent, thorough task order SOWs.
Task Order Request Package (TORP)

TORPThe first step towards initiating the PICS II task order process is completing a Task Order Request Package (TORP). The TORP will provide details of the specific services requested. This document will guide you through the information required.
Selection Recommendation Document (SRD)

SRDAfter completing the award analysis, the Task Order Project Officer (PO) prepares an SRD to document the evaluation and provide a rationale for selection. The Program Support Team has developed an SRD template to facilitate this step.
Funding Memo Template

TORPA funding memo is required as part of the Task Order Request Package (TORP). The memo confirms that funding is available for the requirement. Your signed funding memo must reference the TORP number and estimated dollar amount. This template is available if needed.

Efficient Spending Policy

Image of a computer centerConferences must be approved as per the the NIH Guidance. The appropriate approval form must be completed and approved before a TORP is awarded.  
PICS II Sample Evaluation Scoring Approaches

Evaluation ApproachThis document provides guidance related to the evaluation of proposals submitted by vendors for PICS II task orders. It provides 4-5 factors for scoring and explains each in detail. This may be helpful in evaluating vendors fairly and in a consistent manner.
Sample Q&A Document

Q&A IconThis document serves as a sample to help the customer organize and answer questions submitted by contractors during the task order process.
Sample Determination and Findings Report

Sample D&F IconUse this sample Determination and Findings document when preparing a Time and Materials TORP. Click here to access the sample.


Contractor Performance Survey

Customer Survey IconCustomers, please populate one of these surveys per task order so that the PICS II team can better monitor contractor performance.
Task Order Award Listing

Task Order Award Listing IconA list of task order awards. This includes the TORP number and the vendor that received the award. Check back often for updates.
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