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Image of a communication towerThis master contract will enable the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its component Institutes and Centers  to achieve and maintain high quality performance in the areas of media, communication, and information dissemination and technology by purchasing superior communication goods and services, especially where this expertise does not exist in-house.

There are four main groups of task areas under this contract that each contain several sub-task areas. The four main areas include: Communications and Outreach; Graphic Design, Web, and Database Support; Materials Development and Distribution Support; and Exhibit Support. Click on the "Services" button to get  detailed description of each service area.

There are forty-two labor categories under this contract to perform the variety of services offered under this vehicle. The labor categories include Corporate Monitor, Project Director, Sr. Project Manager, Project Manager, Meeting Planner, Jr. Meeting Planner, Misc. Conference Planner, Sr/Jr. Web Designer, Sr./Jr. Web Developer, Computer Specialist, Word Processor, Sr. Writer, Jr. Writer, Editor, Subject Matter Expert, Proofreader, Administrative Asst., Clerk, Production Assistant, Graphic Artist/Designer, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Labor (Gen), Skilled Labor (Gen), Unskilled Labor (Gen), Couriers, Engineer, Data Analyst, Senior Analyst, Technician/Technician Staff, Strategic Planner, Account Executive, Sr. Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Professional Trainer, Call Center Staff, Call Center Manager, Exhibit Designer, Misc. Exhibit Production Staff, and Business Manager.

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