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Ten (10) small business contractors have been awarded an ID/IQ contract to provide communications support under the PICS II vehicle.

Task orders will be competitively bid by all vendors unless an exception to the fair opportunity process applies.

Click on a vendor name to visit the company's website.

Note: Vendors' websites are located on the Internet. Clicking on a link below will open a new window outside of the NIH Intranet. The NIH offers this listing for information only and is in no way endorsing or supporting any particular vendor.

Note: The number of team members/partners listed is not an indicator of organizational capability. To be included in PICS II, firms must be able to address and document their firm(s)’ capability to successfully provide services in all PICS II task areas. Some firms are free-standing companies that utilize a comprehensive, single-organizational approach to service delivery without the addition of external team members, partners, or subcontractors. The use or non-use of partners and the nature of teaming arrangements as listed may not be a guarantee of cost, value, savings, or quality in the accomplishment of work. Potential users are encouraged to explore the strengths of each firm listed regardless of and apart from the inclusion of additional firms listed.

*Please note that subcontractors are not under contractual obligation to the NIH and may change over the course of this contract.

Betah Associates, Inc.
Team Members/Partners:
  • Abt Associates supports federal agencies to address health issues spanning behavioral health, health service delivery, health systems strengthening, infectious and non-communicable diseases, and private-sector health.

  • Ardelle Associates provides staffing, including clearinghouse support and bilingual personnel.

  • ASHLIN Management Group specializes in professional and technical services including program management, data collection, data analysis, instructor-led training, technical assistance, and dissemination of data.

  • Geneva Software provides tailored IT services including software and web solutions.

  • DIGITALiBiz, Inc. provides IT solutions, systems engineering and integration, research and analysis, communications strategy, and program management.

  • Language Connections provides translation, interpreting, and localization services.

  • Lyons PR is a multimedia public relations firm.

  • Organizational Development Resource Group provides strategic communications and multimedia support services.

  • Reema Consulting Services provides personnel security/suitability, IT, scientific, financial, print, mail, warehouse, programmatic, and training support services.

  • RGM Incorporated provides graphic/publication design and layout, web, and marketing services, including writing/editing, graphic design and document development.

  • RIVA specializes in market research and training.
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BLH Technologies, Inc.
Team Members/Partners:
  • Partner NPC provides integrated print, warehouse, and fulfillment services and clearinghouse, information processing, and inventories/warehouse/distribution services.

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CSR, Inc.
Team Members/Partners:
  • Beekeeper Group is a public affairs and interactive services firm specializing in health-related web-based communications strategies and social media marketing.

  • Catoctin Ridge, LLC, develops effective e-learning/training solutions for adult learners, including workshops, web-based, and text-based training programs.

  • Creative Thinkers LLC specializes in public health crisis communications training and outreach.

  • Cygnus Corporation offers a broad range of communications services, including editorial and graphic design and meeting support and logistics.

  • FleishmanHillard, Inc., provides strategic communications and digital media services.

  • International Fulfillment Corporation offers fulfillment and mailing services and warehousing.

  • LCG, Inc., provides digital and information technology support and services.

  • Marketing Resources International, Inc., specializes in qualitative research services, both face-to-face and web-based, across all population segments.

  • VIVA Bilingual Communications LLC, offers multi-language translation and adaptation services.

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Fors Marsh Group
Team Members/Partners:
  • Young & Rubicam is a marketing and communications company specializing in advertising, digital and social media, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, and brand identity consulting.

  • Leonard Resource Group is a full service professional services firm focused on engagement through communication, outreach, event management and organizational development.

  • Van Eperen offers public relations and strategic communication consulting services, including media/spokesperson/on-camera training, media relations, social media strategy, crisis communications and conference/event planning.

  • Marketing for Change Co. is a full-service creative firm specializing in the development of strategies, campaigns and online platforms to change human behavior, leveraging all aspects of marketing, social psychology and behavioral economics.

  • Automated Marketing, Inc., provides data programming and management support, direct marketing services, static and variable digital printing, direct mailing services, distribution and fulfillment, and conference support and logistics.

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Hager Sharp
Team Members/Partners:
  • PartnerWestat provides service delivery and support for Federal health programs, including website and database management; marketing, outreach, and strategic communications; and consumer information services such as clearinghouses, call centers, and meetings and conferences.

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Hendall, Inc.
Team Members/Partners:
  • ACSI Translations offers best-in-class language consulting, translation, and interpretation services.

  • JBS International is a full-service management consulting firm whose mission is to create sustainable change in health care, social services, and education to improve people’s lives.

  • Ogilvy is an award-winning integrated creative firm that specializes in creating experiences, design, and communications.

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IQ Solutions, Inc.
Team Members/Partners:
  • IQ Solutions is a sole, freestanding comprehensive services organizational provider.

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NOVA Research Company
Team Members/Partners:
  • Deloitte Consulting, LLP provides strategic planning, health IT, digital analytics, and information architecture expertise.

  • FleishmanHillard provides national health communications campaign, media operations, and crisis communications/training expertise.

  • BrightKey, Inc. provides inventory, warehousing, file record and maintenance, mail processing, and call center support expertise.

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Palladian Partners
Team Members/Partners:
  • Alboum Translation Services and Biotext LLC, are providers of services in the areas of foreign-language translation and interpretation.

  • Black Robin Media supports communications efforts in the areas of television and video production, marketing and promotional campaigns, digital content, and live events.

  • Cherokee Nation Assurance provides services in the areas of IT and database support and outreach to Native American communities and audiences.

  • The Communication Center is a certified woman-owned Washington, D.C.-based communication training company. TCC specializes in media training, crisis communications, presentation coaching, message development and confident communication coaching for women.

  • Edge Research provides support for audience and other communications-related qualitative and quantitative research efforts.

  • Hispanic Communications Network offers services in the areas of education and outreach to U.S. Hispanic communities and audiences.

  • KAI Research is a provider of call center and clearinghouse support, as well as clinical research support.

  • Navteca is a technology company focused on innovation and emerging technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), custom Alexa skills (natural language interfaces), and cloud solutions.

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The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.
Team Members/Partners:
  • American Institutes for Research is a behavioral and social science research, evaluation, assessment and technical assistance organization.

  • Sapient Consulting is a marketing and consulting company that provides business, marketing, and technology services and solutions.

  • Vanguard Communications is a public relations and social marketing firm specializing in strategic marketing, consulting, and digital communications in the areas of health and medicine.

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